Alternate Dispute Resolution & Claims

Before initiating costly legal proceedings and becoming entangled in lengthy and drawn out court battles, BICQ recommends early intervention utilising an Alternate Dispute Resolution process through conciliation.

Early intervention can prevent the matter from escalating leading to expensive legal costs and unnecessary stress. BICQ's Alternate Dispute Intervention can fast track the resolution of a dispute to avoid potential proceedings in the Queensland Civil & Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) or court.

BICQ specialises in:

  • Dispute Avoidance Advice
  • Review of Contract terms and conditions>
  • Claims Management
  • Conciliation (informal mediation)
  • Preparation of Building and Construction Industry Payments Act (BCIPA) applications

Any party to a dispute can appoint BICQ as the conciliator to assist in the negotiations and provide a nonthreatening neutral environment.

Issues in a dispute may include technical or defective work, variation claims, delay claims, non-payment or other contractual matters.

Sometimes all it takes is an experienced independent party to become involved to achieve immediate resolution.

The Conciliation conference is attended on a voluntary basis where each party to the dispute is prepared to work towards a "win win" outcome by bringing their issues to the table to be correctly identified and understood. However, the process is non-binding and "without prejudice". Confidentiality is paramount and participation in the conciliation does not necessary mean a party has to commit to reaching a settlement. If agreement is reached between the parties, the conciliator will formalise the terms of the agreement in writing. The parties then sign the written agreement with the intention that it becomes a legally binding contract.

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