Expert Building Assessments & Reports

BICQ assists with a wide range of other building assessment and provides detailed reports for Bodies Corporate, Home Owners, Insurers, Contractors and Developers.

These reports cover all classes of buildings and building related matters such as:

BICQ can assist with the preparation of BSA claims under the Statutory Home Owners Insurance Scheme; BSA Residential or Commercial Complaint forms and QCAT applications.

Building Defect & Dilapidation Reports

BICQ will prepare reports for the assessment of performance of relevant building elements and building defects. The report can be utilised for:

Detailed Investigation Inspection reports provide advice as to the cause of the problem, who is responsible, recommendations, solutions for rectification, Scopes of Work and estimate of cost to rectify.

BICQ can assist clients in developing strategic building maintenance programs including cost estimates, ensuring buildings are maintained at minimal outlay thus providing maximum capital appreciation. This applies to all types of construction, eg residential, commercial and industrial.

Subsidence Investigation and Defects Reports

BICQ has extensive experience in the investigation of buildings subjected to "subsidence" or differential movement in the footings and foundations causing building damage and/or failure. Our investigation will provide advice as to the cause, who is responsible, and recommendations and solutions for rectification.

BICQ is able to co-ordinate the required building, plumbing and drainage or structural and geotechnical engineering investigation.

BICQ provides clear, distinct schedules for Scopes of Work and detailed cost estimates for tender comparison.

Strata Title Building Reports

Strata Assessment Building Reports (including cost estimates) are used to establish or review current sinking funds and/or maintenance programs to ensure buildings are maintained at minimal cost returning maximum capital appreciation.

Inspection reports for both Residential and Commercial Strata Bodies Corporate can also be carried out to indicate performance of relevant building elements, and compliance with the relevant Codes and Australian Standards for:

Annual OH&S and Fire Safety reports can also be arranged incorporating the above reports.

Construction Progress and/or Final Inspection Reports

BICQ can carry out staged construction inspections during the building process. These inspections are followed by a report on each stage confirming compliance with the building contract, Queensland Building Act & Regulations and National Construction Code NCC (2011) including relevant Australian Standards and Industry Codes of Practice.

Recommendations for progress payment claims and payment of variations under the contract are also provided.

A final inspection at Practical Completion prior to final payment is recommended to ensure that the building contractor has complied with all contractual obligations, including provision of all compliance certificates. A comprehensive defects list is provided at the Practical Completion inspection.

These reports can assist in the prevention of disputes and clarify any issue of concern taking the stress out of the building process.

(Also refer to Advocate Services and Project Management & Quality Control listed under Other Services).

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